Three million subscriber boost for Star Channels in UK,Ireland

London: Star Plus & Star Gold have been confirmed as part of Sky’s new entry-level basic tier, reaching 10.3 million customers in the UK & Republic of Ireland. Already rated as the official leaders in their respective genres (Star Plus is the no.1 Hindi general entertainment channel & Star Gold is the no.1 Bollywood movie channel in the UK, as rated by BARB), the channels will see a rise of over 3 million in their subscriber numbers due to the re-packaging of Sky’s basic bundles, representing a 48% rise in connected households.

In recent years, Sky has moved beyond being just a pay TV operator to become a multi-product company and effective from September 1st this year, Sky will offer new pricing & packaging options, simplifying the 6 entry-level basic packs to 1 entry level tier (Entertainment Pack), with a £5 buy-through for the second basic pack (Entertainment Extra Pack).

Star TV’s Head of UK Operations, Yeshpal Sharma, stated “we are absolutely delighted with this news and look forward to offering the very best in Asian entertainment to a larger segment of UK audiences. Our commitment at Star has always been to raise the bar and continue to change the game.”

Star One will join Star Plus & Star Gold in the entry-level basic pack with Star News housed in the second-tier basic pack.

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