The North Face Ogilvy Shanghai launch 360 campaign to inspire Chinese

Shanghai : Outdoor sports gear and apparel company, The North Face, has again teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai to create an exciting new 360 Degree campaign produced in collaboration with O&M Advertising, OgilvyOne and Ogilvy PR. Addressing urban consumers’ increasingly stressful, hectic, and often sedentary lives, The North Face’s “Go Wild” campaign is a breath of fresh air that encourages city dwellers to break free from the eating-drinking-shopping-sitting in front of a screen rut and to replace it with tranquil or thrilling experiences in the great outdoors.

documentary series consisting of four short films directed by acclaimed Chinese film director Mr. LU Chuan. Watching the films, consumers are invited to witness the journeys of a determined mountain climber, an adventurous volunteer, a passionate wildlife photographer and a successful entrepreneur as they rediscover themselves and those around them through an exploration of nature.

Challenging one’s physical and mental limits, deepening human relationships and pushing the boundaries of exploration are running themes in the four documentaries which were produced by O&M Advertising. In one story shot against a stunning backdrop of natural landscape, Mr. SUN Mian, Founder and Director of Newsweekly Magazine, takes his grown son on a hike through the harsh mountains of Tibet, a daunting prospect on their first ever hike together. The story depicts their generation gap and the disparity between the aging yet athletic father and his young, urban son. Despite the severe conditions and the son’s inexperience in mountain climbing, the pair’s bond grows immeasurably as they explore and tackle nature together, and emerge victorious.

In addition to the films, O&M Advertising created a short, humorous video manifesto that dares urban consumers to slow the pace of their hectic, stressful lifestyles and to let themselves “Go Wild” by taking a breather – or a weekend – in nature. Print ads have also been placed outdoors in heavy traffic areas including subway stations and Wangfujing in Beijing, Xujiahui in Shanghai and in magazines such as New Weekly.

Ogilvy PR deployed Key Opinion Leader (KOL) mapping strategies to identify suitable personalities that could be featured in the documentaries and also oversaw event management for the media launch of the documentary series.

OgilvyOne is kicking off the digital and mobile campaign with a microsite to spark online discussion about exploration and the outdoors. Consumers can also sign up to join fellow outdoors enthusiasts for activities taking place in their local communities.

Partnering with, the leading location-based service provider in China, OgilvyOne created a mobile app that integrates consumers’ outdoors experiences with geographical check-ins. Custom iPhone and Android versions of the mobile app are being launched as part of the “Go Wild” campaign.

“Nowadays urban consumers are so caught up in the fast-paced world of work, stress, pollution and even boredom. What we’ve found is that many big city people, especially those in China, have forgotten that there’s so much more to experience in nature. So ‘Go Wild’ is a theme that we hope will strike a chord with people that are ready to get outside and do something new,” said Patrick Zhong, General Manager, China, The North Face.

“‘Go Wild’ is a great message because it tackles a cultural tension head on. Consumers in China’s big cities are leading increasingly stressful lives and they are plagued with various pressures at work and at home. The “Go Wild” mentality offers a real solution to this urban fatigue by inspiring Chinese consumers (who are generally new to the idea of spending time in nature for recreation) to explore the great outdoors beyond their daily commutes in gridlocked traffic,” said Debby Cheung, President of O&M Group Shanghai.

“What I love about this campaign is it makes you think again about the countryside. This is a place that can change the way people think and behave – an antidote to the stress of living in the city. A lot of thought went into hunting for the right director and Lu Chuan was the perfect choice. His documentary film style perfectly suited the essence of what we were trying to convey,” said Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather China.

The North Face’s “Go Wild” campaign will run from March-July 2012.

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