The Newspaper Works shortlists three research companies for RFT

The Newspaper Works CEO Tony Hale today announced that the formal Requests For Tender (RFT) would be issued to the three shortlisted research companies tendering for the print readership system on Monday.

The Newspaper Works has established a new company, The Readership Works, to oversee the readership tender and the ongoing provision of the new readership metric. The Readership Works is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Newspaper Works.

Mr Hale said the RFT would be issued on Monday and that briefing meetings had been arranged with each of the three shortlisted tenderers.

The three leading multinational research companies that have been shortlisted to formally tender for a new Australian newspaper readership system are: GfK:Mediamark Research & Intelligence (GfK:MRI) – which conducts print research in 18 countries, including the national print media research study in the US.Ipsos MediaCT – which has print readership operations in 34 countries, including the UK, France and Australia, and has built more than 20 readership measurement systems around the world in the past 10 years andTNS Australia – which is part of Kantar Media, and conducts industry readership projects in 23 countries, including Canada.

The Newspaper Works announced an open tender for newspaper readership in June 2009 with the objective of developing a world standard readership measurement system that will provide advertisers and media agencies with sophisticated audience data whichreflects how readers actually engage with newspaper content and act in response to advertising.

Final submissions for the readership tender are due in July 2010. The readership tender has the support of The Newspaper Works board members and shareholders News Limited, West Australian Newspapers and APN News & Media.

The new print readership system for Australia will include the best emerging methodologies, the integration of print and online readership, topic involvement information, more frequent release of data and the ability to host the data on competitive analytical software platforms.

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