The New York Times Profiles Lee Sheppard, Contributing Editor of Tax Analysts

Lee Sheppard’s influential articles over the last two decades “have become a must-read for tax practitioners,” the New York Times wrote in its recent profile of Sheppard.

And no wonder. Sheppard, contributing editor to Tax Analysts, often sets the agenda for tax questions the Treasury and Congress eventually address.

As the Times wrote, “More than a year ago, Ms. Sheppard was among the first to discuss an issue that has gotten the attention of Washington lawmakers — the money that private equity and hedge fund managers earned but that is taxed at a lower capital gains rate.”

On Thursday, Sept. 6, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on this very question.

Sheppard writes about complicated tax subjects with style. “In the breadth of one paragraph,” the Times noted, “she can write authoritatively about accounting for uncertainty in income taxes and the latest Marc Jacobs handbag with Art Deco-style jewel-encrusted clasps.”

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