The mother of all reality shows Cheaters comes to India on Big CBS Spark

Now people will have a tough time fooling on their partners with Cheaters making its way into Indian household with BIG CBS SPARK. India first YOUTH entertainment channel BIG CBS SPARK is bringing “Cheaters” to our country with high drama and thrill.

Hosted by Joey Greco, Cheaters help people find out the truth about their partners. One of the most long running syndicated shows in the world, Cheaters is one of the most popular & loved show in the United States. The show’s complainants will range from married or long-term relationships, and will also include both opposite-sex and same-sex couples. The show’s cameras have captured a number of unusual incidents. In one of the most cited examples was that of host Joey Greco being stabbed by an angry suspect who was confronted on a boat.

Sometimes, the suspect gets violent towards the end of the show and the situation goes out of hand. To avoid such a scenario, the show’s bodyguards are on-hand to protect any party to the confrontation.

Watch Joe Greo and his team in action helping the victims of infidelity in finding out the truth of their partners, only on BIG CBS SPARK. Every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 p.m.

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