The Economic Times : India's largest financial daily

4The Economic Times, launched in 1961, is India’s largest financial daily and the world’s second largest financial daily after The Wall Street Journal, with a daily circulation of over 620,000 copies. It is published by India’s largest media group, Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, (This company along with its other group companies is more popularly known as The Times Group), which also publishes The Times of India, the Navbharat Times, the Maharashtra Times, Femina, and Filmfare.

The Economic Times has its offices in Mumbai outside Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Its main content is based on the Indian economy, share prices, prices of commodities as well as other matters related to finance. The Founder / Editor of the paper when it was launched in 1961 was P.S. Hariharan. The current Executive Editor of The Economic Times is Rahul Joshi.

The Economic Times is characterised by its salmon-pink paper, all of which is recycled[citation needed]. It is also the favourite newspaper among the city’s business houses. It is sold in all major cities in India.

Brand Equity (Weekly) is a weekly colour supplement,t hat appears every Wednesday, which covers marketing, advertising, media and market research. Corporate Dossier is a supplement that appeares every Friday, along with The Economic Times aimed at the CEOs of corporate India, with a special focus on management and strategy.

ET Travel is a weekly all-colour supplement which covers travel and tourism aimed at the burgeoning band of Indians who want to see and know about their country and the rest of the world- through Indian eyes.

ET AutoMania is a weekly all-colour supplement covering all aspects from the auto industry from new launches and trends to ancillaries and personalities.

The Brand equity Quiz, is an advertising and marketing quiz which attracts corporate entities all over the Indian subcontinent. ET in the Classroom Quiz, is a business quiz of UG and PG students all over India.


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