The CNBC-TV18 CNBC Awaaz launch advertising campaign

Mumbai: Through the years, the Finance Minister’s speech has become an important milestone in the economic history of the nation. This year is poised to be no different, as Pranab Mukherjee faces varied and almost opposing choices to be made. Be this fighting inflation or prioritizing growth, financing infrastructure or spending on the inclusive agenda. This complexity in challenges faced by the government is the theme carried forward by CNBC-TV18 & CNBC AWAAZ for its advertising campaign on the Budget 2011. The core idea is to question if Budget 2011 balance the various issues and therefore can deliver the impact India needs on various fronts be it fiscal, social or developmental.

The month long campaign started off in print and online is a thematic campaign which involved a visual play with the word Budget 2011. This was supported by an outdoor campaign which showcased the editorial strength of the CNBC Channels. As part of the 360 degree mix the radio presence was timed with the outdoor burst across the nation. While there is a strong social media presence – a partnership to stream the Budget LIVE on, an alliance with Linkedin and exclusive contests on Facebook.

Speaking about the campaign, Zubin Driver, CEO, Cell18 said “The Budget campaign on the CNBC Channels captures the paradox that the Finance Minister faces, by highlighting the issues faced by various sectors of society. The communication is geared towards every strata of society, from issues that impact the common man, to India Inc., to industry leaders. It is a campaign that has topical relevance and recognizes the larger issues that India needs to face, this fiscal year.”

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