Thai Children's Trust ,Adconion Launch Video Campaign

New York : The Thai Children’s Trust has teamed up with digital media marketing company Initiative and Adconion Media Group, the world’s largest independent online audience network, to create its very first online video campaign.

The campaign, which launched in early October, is aimed at 30-plus women and encourages them to help the Thai Children’s Trust (TCT) raise funds for Karen refugees in Thailand, amongst the neediest children in south-east Asia.

The campaign videos, created by the TCT under consultation with Initiative’s creative department LAB, focus on the stories of Chenu and Yin, two Burmese children who were forced to flee the country. Chenu is 12 and escaped Burma after both her parents were killed in the civil war. Shortly after arriving in Thailand, Chenu was fortunate enough to find a TCT school, where she is now flourishing. Yin is 10; his father died when he was three and his mother is unable to support him because she is suffering from tuberculosis and HIV. Yin and his mother were taken in by a TCT safe house after they fled Burma.

The videos demonstrate the difficulties faced by Chenu, Yin and other Burmese refugees, and also showcase some of the TCT’s safe houses, helping potential donors understand how their support makes a tangible difference. There is also a Flash drawing tool, which allows users to create bright and cheerful drawings which can be shared with friends via email.

The campaign will run with standard banners created by LAB, as well as expandable video MPUs created by Adconion. Engagement and message testing will be performed as part of the campaign objective. Viewers will be able to click through to donate or share with friends, encouraging them to also sponsor children like Chenu and Yin. The standard banners will also re-target users that have interacted with the video ad or the TCT website, but not sponsored a child.

Andrew Scadding, chief executive of the Thai Children’s Trust, says: “We wanted to create a campaign that would highlight the plight of Chenu and other children like her, and engage online users in an emotive and interactive manner, encouraging them to support the Thai Children’s Trust. Working together, Initiative and Adconion have created a video campaign that draws on the strengths of the digital medium and really connects with viewers. They distilled our message without diminishing it, presenting our children in a charming and humorous manner. It has been a real pleasure working with them. “

Sally Lane, digital account director at Initiative, says: “Having worked with Adconion on numerous projects, we were delighted to be one of the first to test their new video product. Working closely with the Thai Children’s Trust and Initiative’s creative department LAB, we were able to create a campaign closely aligned to the creative brief and our key media objectives. We look forward to the positive results we know are achievable from leveraging our working relationship with all parties.”

Mike James, MD Adconion UK, adds: “Online video is fast becoming the advertising medium of choice for many brands. We were really excited to be given a chance to not only demonstrate how video can help brands connect with the right audiences, but at the same time help highlight a truly charitable cause.”

TCT is the UK’s largest charity focusing on Thailand, and supports projects in Pattaya, Rayong, Nong Khai, the south and the west of Thailand.

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