TechMedia records all time high advertising capacity

Singapore: TechMedia Advertising, Inc., the leading provider of new outdoor media advertising technology in India, announced today that for the entire month of June 2010, total advertising capacity reached an all time high of 95%, an early indication of the very strong demand the Company is experiencing in India for its new digital advertising solutions.

Most of the Company’s total 864 ten-second advertising time slots have already been contracted to clients for three to six months by Peacock Media, TechMedia’s consulting and marketing agency in India, generating gross revenues for the month of June 2010 in excess of US$1.682 million (INR77.62 million) for TechMedia India. The Company expects to maintain, and even grow, this revenue level going forward with more advertisers making use of this new advertising platform, especially during festive seasons.

“We believe the high demand for new advertising space in India, combined with TechMedia’s ability to deliver good, quality audio and video services to hundreds of thousands of captive audiences each day, are key to achieving such a tremendous take-up rate of our new digital infotainment systems that are installed in government buses running throughout the Tamil Naidu Province,” commented Johnny Lian, Chairman and CEO of TechMedia.

“Advertising agencies are constantly seeking new avenues to reach captive audiences for their clients, and TechMedia is able to help them achieve those results. In addition, Peacock’s longstanding reputation and relationships with agencies and clients throughout India allowed us to maximize the awareness of such a new service,” added Mr. Lian.

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