Tata , Internet Systems Consortium Partner for IPv6 Domain Name System Hosting

Tata Communications, a leading provider of a new world of communications and Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC), a non-profit public benefit corporation, announced today that the companies will partner to provide best-in-class Domain Name System (DNS) Hosting Services for both enterprise and service provider customers. DNS provides critical functionality for the Internet.

DNS is the means by which organizations can be found online. Rather than being recognized by a string of numbers representing an IPv4 address, or as will be increasingly the case, by an IPv6 address, companies are known by the name of their website.

“The internet faces an imminent exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and needs to urgently adopt and support the longer IPv6 addresses to ensure its continued growth,” said Genius Wong, Senior Vice President of Global IP and VPN Services for Tata Communications. “This agreement will provide our customers with the strongest DNS able to resolve both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with servers on five continents.”

In addition this partnership with Tata Communications, will allow ISC’s Solid Name Service (SNS) network to grow in global presence and network capacity. In turn, Tata Communications will be able to bring ISC’s experience and support into supporting their own DNS infrastructure. SNS is presently serving customer data during beta service period with production service beginning later this year.

“SNS marks another milestone for ISC as the migration to IPv6 starts in earnest. SNS leverages our DNS operational experience to ensure our customers are safe in the knowledge they can always be found on the Internet,” stated Paul Vixie, President of ISC. “Tata Communications is a long standing partner since 1999 in our Hosted@ program and a network provider for many F-root locations over IPv4 and now IPv6. We look forward to continuing our long standing relationship in the future.”

Additionally, DNS is used by computers to interpret e-mail addresses, find resources such as printers on a network and perform other types of Internet transactions. ISC’s SNS is an outsource solution for those organizations that must be reachable 24 x 7 x 365. As an operator of the F-root name server, one of the Internet’s 13 root-name servers, ISC has over 13 years experience serving Domain Name System data in addition to providing BIND, the most widely-used DNS server software worldwide.

Tata Communications, a member of the $62.5 billion Tata Group, is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. The emerging markets communications leader leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national and Indian enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

Tata Communications’ range of services include transmission, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, hosting and storage, managed security, managed collaboration and business transformation for global enterprises and service providers, as well as Internet, retail broadband and content services for Indian consumers. The Tata Global Network encompasses one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP network, with connectivity to more than 200 countries across 300 Pops, and more than 1 million square feet of data center and co-location facilities.

Tata Communications’ unique emerging market depth and breadth of reach includes a national fiber backbone network and access to network in over 60 cities and 125 Pops in India, strategic investments in South African converged services operator, Neotel, Sri Lanka and Nepal and, subject to fulfillment of conditions precedent, a 50% ownership in China Enterprise Communications (CEC) providing full country VPN coverage in China.

Servicing customers from its offices in over 80 cities in 40 countries, Tata Communications is the number one global international wholesale voice operator and number one provider of international long distance, enterprise data and Internet services in India, the Company was named “Best Wholesale Carrier” at the World Communications Awards in 2006, “Best Pan-Asian Wholesale Provider” at the 2006 and 2007 Capacity Magazine Global Wholesale Telecommunications Awards and was awarded “Best Progress in Emerging Markets” at the 2008 Mobile Communication Awards.

Tata Communications Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and its ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE: TCL)

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