TAM Media Research launches TAM Sports

TAM Media Research has announced the launch of TAM Sports, which would cater to answering all sponsorship, advertising, brand placements and public relations (PR) related queries that stakeholders – Advertiser, Broadcaster and Sports Association – may have on sports and marketing.

The aim is to understand ways in which TAM Sports can make the dynamics of TV Viewing, Sponsorship and TV Marketing simpler, measurable and accountable for Advertisers, TV Broadcasters and Sports Associations.

Beyond cricket, TAM Sports data and insights will cover many domestic and international sporting properties like Football, Hockey, F1, Rugby, Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling and even Special Events like Commonwealth Games, Olympics and so on.

LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research said, “Starting now, Sports Sponsorship in India will see a new high! With unique definitions of what Returns on Investment (ROI) from Sporting events can be, each of Advertisers, the Telecasting TV Channels and the concerned Sports Associations will have one neutral, integrated data and insights hub that can act as torch light for every sponsorship/marketing investment decision.”

He added, “So whether it involves understanding the Viewing dynamics of the common man, advertising trends, brand placement platforms and their individual effectiveness, PR trends harnessed by Broadcaster to woo audiences and Advertiser to enhance brand exposure every bit will be examined, stored and answered for current and future reference for the Industry. The rest of 2009 will be action packed for TAM Sports as a run up till December 2009 the TAM Sports team will establish lines of communications with various types of Advertisers, TV Broadcasters and Sports Associations.”

Initially, TAM Sports aims at brandishing with four special sports services namely, Serve, Bulls Eye, Goal and Third Umpire.

Serve for instance is useful mainly for the TV Broadcaster as it will focus on analysing and understanding the TV audience’s absorption of different sporting property. Bulls Eye is a service aimed for the Advertiser to help them judge their brand’s fit with a Sporting property and its performance. Goal is aimed towards Sports Associations where they can understand the nuances of TV Viewing of the particular type of Sport. Further, they can also find ways to market their sports to prospective sponsors and Third Umpire monitors any Copy Right Violation done by any TV channel.

Source: Bombay Adclub

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