Takuma Takasaki Named “Creator of the Year” for 2010

Dentsu Inc. President & CEO: Tatsuyoshi Takashima; Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 58,967.1 million yen) announced today that Takuma Takasaki, a Dentsu creative director and TV commercial planner, has been named the 2010 Creator of the Year by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association (Chairman: Tateo Mataki).

The purpose of this annual award, which was established in 1989, is to publicly recognize the most outstanding work produced by a creative professional from any of the Association’s member companies. This was the 22nd time that the Creator of the Year award has been presented, and the 20th time that a Dentsu creative has won this award.

Takasaki’s “MY FIRST AOMORI” campaign for the East Japan Railway Company and other works were highly evaluated by the judging panel as follows:
“Through the sweeping scale, volume, quality and visibility of these creative works, Takasaki has established his presence as a producer of major campaigns.”
Profile of Takuma Takasaki

Takasaki joined Dentsu Inc. in April 1993, and is 41 years old.

He works as a creative director and TV commercial planner in the Communication Design Center.

Takasaki said, “The Tohoku region, which includes Aomori Prefecture, suffered major damage and casualties in the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan on March 11.I have therefore vowed in my heart that my work will continue until the time when large numbers of people can once again visit the Tohoku area.”
Main Creative Works

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