Sushma Reddy joins Radio One's 'I-Vote campaign'

Sushma Reddy joined Radio One RJ’s at the station in a bid to promote the popular I-Vote campaign, an initiative by a group of young people that encourages other young people to vote. The station which had earlier played an active role as the city’s watchdog through the terror attacks encouraging people to unite under its “One Spirit. One Mumbai.” initiative, is now encouraging citizens to take responsibility for exercising their franchise by getting registered to vote, and thus having a say in the governance of the city and the country.

I-Vote is a college centric activity driven by volunteering students who have received special permission from the Election Commission to issue Voter ID Cards to college students. Students wishing to register simply need to provide the volunteers with 2 passport size photographs, a photo copy of their college ID cards and a photocopy of a parent or neighbor’s Voter ID card.

The response has been overwhelming. Wilson College alone clocked 500 registrations over a period of 3 days while students from other colleges like Sophia’s, KC, Jai Hind, HR and Xavier’s participated in this exercise as well. This is an ongoing effort and timelines will be extended until the initiative receives the required number of registrations.

Sushma Reddy has been involved with different groups post the 26/11 attacks. Her purpose is to help give a voice in support of the cause of various groups including I-Vote, inspiring citizens to take action.

Says Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Director Programming, Radio One, “This is a perfect fit with our cause of Action Fataafat on Radio One. The station is a voice for citizens and initiatives such as these encourage positive action within the community we all care for.”

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