Suresh Manian and Bimal Nair set up The Conversation Company

Suresh Manian and Bimal Nair have announced the launch of The Conversation Company.

Manian confirmed the development, saying, “The basic founding principal of The Conversation Company is that over the years, agencies and the fundamentals of the business have changed. I, therefore, don’t see any point in running an agency with the creative, art directors and client servicing people, like we have been doing in the past. The demand of brands in today’s time goes much beyond that.”

Manian and Nair have been discussing their concept with their peers and prospective clients. Manian is the Co-founder of Bangalore-based creative agency Fisheye Creative Solutions, which he left almost eight months ago.

On the vision of the company he said, “The vision of our company is to create ideas that could then be co-owned by the clients and us. This will also change the dynamics of the existing agency-client relationship. The idea is to create a radical offering like a Brand Prototype. This being a new concept will require new tricks, new skills and loads of hard work.”

Nair is the former Executive Vice-President, Rediffusion Y&R Mumbai. He spearheaded the Chennai office of Contract Advertising for three years. He has also spent eight years in iContract, the direct marketing and customer relationship management division of Contract Advertising.

source: Bombay Adclub

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