Supreme Master TV Announces Expansion Plans

In an historic development, the round-the-clock positive channel Supreme Master Television announced on Monday that it will expand worldwide on 10 additional satellite platforms. Starting November 16, 2007 this free-to-air station of 24-hour uplifting news and inspirational programs will reach hundreds of millions more households on all continents, including Australia and New Zealand (Optus B3 / D2); Africa (Intelsat 10 KU-Band, C-Band); Asia (ABS, AsiaSat 2, AsiaSat 3S, Intelsat C- Band); North America (Galaxy 25); South America (Hispasat, Intelsat 907); and the Middle East (Eurobird 2).

Now with convenient satellite access, viewers can freely enjoy a vast array of quality and entertaining programs. Supreme Master Television is currently airing in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa via Astra 1 at 19.2 degrees East and Hotbird at 13 degrees East. To date, programs are broadcast in more than 40 languages, with over 30 subtitles.

After its landmark year of positive programming, Supreme Master Television continues to offer audiences a new way to view television-in a purely positive light. From its live broadcasts of peace-building events, to interviews with presidents, celebrities, and the extraordinary peace wishes of ordinary people, Supreme Master Television is a bridge for understanding through its features on the beauty of all nations and cultures.

Announcements of Supreme Master Television are found in the world’s major publications such as TIME magazine, USA Today, The Guardian, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Le Monde, and many more.

Los Angeles Mayor, the Honorable Antonio R. Villaraigosa, commented: “Supreme Master Television offers a viable alternative … you promote programs of peace and brotherhood … your station offers examples of compassion and love … Supreme Master Television reminds us of our shared humanity and our common commitment to building a better world for ourselves and our children.”

Supreme Master Television features programs that support a modern lifestyle that is green, healthy, and compassionate. Its colorful array of uplifting programs includes a range of genres, from entertainment and film, to news and documentaries, lifestyle and culture, with new and meaningful shows continually added to the eclectic show line-up.

At the station’s studio in Los Angeles, this news was celebrated with jubilation. Lily Able, Director of Programming said: “It’s inspiring in that there is a tremendous appreciation for uplifting news and programming. Viewers worldwide are eagerly anticipating Supreme Master Television’s premiere via satellite in their countries. We’re very pleased and honored to bring positive media to all cultures around the world.”

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