Superstar Business Solutions Partners TBWA /India

Abhijit Pradhan’s Superstar Business Solutions has signed up a Change Management / Vision Alignment project for the upcoming advertising company TBWA India.

Shiv Sethuraman, CEO, TBWA/India says :“I believe that any process of organisational change and growth requires genuine co-creation by the key stakeholders. No lasting and effective change was ever achieved exclusively through top down mandates. In Abhijit and Superstar I feel we have found the people who have a vision and a process that will benefit TBWA India enormously as we prepare for the next level of growth.”

Superstar has successfully completed Phase I of its 6 month engagement for the Rediffusion Group. This includes the following companies – Rediffusion Y& R Advertising, Wunderman India, OAP Outdoor/ Touch point, Rediffusion PR, TME Media and Showdiff Events.

“ We closed Phase I on a high ! The key output for Superstar was to help the top management arrive at an actionable vision and create a buy in amongst senior stakeholders in the company.” Says Chief Explorer and Founder, Abhijit Pradhan of Superstar.

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