Sunil Shetty visits Radio Mirchi to to share ‘Daddy Cool’

One of Bollywood’s very first macho man, actor Sunil Shetty visited India’s Hottest Radio station – Radio Mirchi 98.3 with his co-star Aarti Chabbria and singer Raghav Sacchar today.

In an extensive interview that covered everything from his upcoming release, his passion for cricket, to his acting in Marathi films, ‘Anna’ as he is fondly called, Sunil spoke about it all.

“In Daddy Cool, I play the eldest son of ‘the Daddy’ and my only desire is to give my father a decent farewell when he passes away. In the movie I am shown as very much attached to my father and in real life too I share a great bond with my father, and that is the reason this movie is very close to my heart” said Shetty to Jeeturaj.

When asked about his intention of buying an IPL team, Shetty promptly replied, “Why not? I can say I know more about cricket than most cricketers do and if I find a financer, I will surely buy an IPL team”

Bringing a musical twist to the interview, Sunil along with Raghav and Aarti sang the title track of their forthcoming movie for the listeners and expressed their happiness as this was the first time ever, that the Boney M classic was officially being used in a Bollywood film.

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