Suniel Shetty flags off 'Red Alert' on Mirchi

Mumbai: The air at the Radio Mirchi studios on Saturday evening was full of excitement as Suniel Shetty, director Ananth Mahadevan and music director Lalit Pandit were live on ‘Sunset Samosa’ for the Mirchi Music premiere of the sole song from the movie ‘Red Alert: The War Within’.

The powerful song, Poochta hai man yeh mera beautifully sung by KK and composed by Lalit Pandit captures the myriad emotions and soul of the film which is centred around the Naxal movement. Lalit Pandit, the creator of the melodious song said, “This sole track of the movie captures the struggle the characters experience and fits the mood of the film beautifully. With Javed Saab’s lyrics and KK’s voice, it has turned out to be a stunning composition!”

The cast and crew spoke about their experience of being part of the film and how the story mirrors the current socio-political scenario of the country. Mirchi listeners heard Anna engaging in a friendly tête-à-tête with RJ Suren. They heard the emotional side of the tough hero as he conversed about the sensitive storyline of the film.

When asked about choosing such a different character, Suniel Shetty replied, “It’s a role of a lifetime for me. I was spellbound when I heard the narration of the script and I just decided that I have to do this! It portrays the tough times we are going through and am sure the film will be loved by audiences”.

Director Ananth Mahadevan, stated, “It’s a story of one man’s valiant efforts to overcome all obstacles and emerge as a phoenix, triumphant and noble. It gave me great pleasure to direct the powerful star cast of Naseerji, Seema Biswas, Suniel, Vinod Khanna and Ashish Vidyarthi and seeing them giving their very best in each and every scene”.

‘Red Alert: The War Within’ is poised to be a fresh breath of air for all ardent movie-lovers with its daring plot and powerhouse performances. The film highlights how a poor farm labourer gets caught up in the midst of a Naxalite movement without his own volition, in order to provide for his children. It’s a story of a man, who must decide between his morals and his family. With a brilliant star-cast, the movie is all set to take you on a roller-coaster ride to the volatile reality of poverty-stricken and Naxal-ridden India.

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