Introduces Click to 'Call' has introduced Click to Call feature on their website for the users in India. Click to Call feature enables the website users to call the advertisers in Yellow Pages and Classifieds instantly from their computer for FREE. The user has to enter their contact number on the desired information page and by clicking ‘Click to Call’ button; interface calls the advertiser and connects the user with the advertiser instantly.

“In an era where Information Technology and businesses, are becoming inextricably interwoven, new and upgraded features are a natural progression for Click to Call promises to be a value add as the user gets to speak to the supplier instantly for free through our website” Satya Prabhakar, President & CEO, said .

The upgraded Yellow Pages 2.0 version enables the user to effectively use their Yellow pages to obtain highly localized information and also interact and get informed feedbacks from other users. The all new Yellow pages also assist the user to upload the address of their recommended businesses on to the interface.

“With web 2.0 having become a Goliath sized reality, internet is a business necessity rather than being merely a technological marvel. It has become imperative to sustain the growth towards making the internet highly market realistic”, Mr. Prabhakar added further.

This innovative feature is all set to take local commerce on the information superhighway a step closer to becoming more enriched and effective. With technology today, being all about connecting people to each other, to ideas, and to possibilities, ‘Click to Call’ enables the user to connect with the advertisers in real time.

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