Sulbha Deshpande to Endorse AFI Public Service Ad Campaign

Arthritis Foundation of India Trust has launched a new public service advertisement campaign aimed at building awareness and clearing myths around Arthritis and Joint Replacement. In this latest campaign AFI has taken the help of Sulbha Deshpande-the famous actor . The campaign is aired across 18 channels in India in 7 languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali.

AFI claims that this is a first of its kind initiative in public domain for arthritis. Dr. Sushil Sharma, Chairperson of Arthritis Foundation of India, said “The ad campaign highlights how Arthritis cripples the basic mobility of an individual and therefore impacts the whole family taking away their moments of joy… how it makes the patient completely dependent upon his/her family members and how it makes them all suffer… It leads to a conclusion that timely medical intervention and joint replacement surgery can help restore the joy of motion for the patient.”

“In India due to our social structure and mentality, those suffering from arthritis tend to wait till the last minute before meeting the specialist. As a result of waiting, the joint degenerates further to a point where they end up trying many options but are unable to get relief from arthritic pain and immobility. Keeping this in mind the ad campaign also sends out the message that if you are suffering then you should not wait unnecessarily, rather you should consult a joint replacement specialist. He is the best person to advise what treatment is appropriate for you. With proper medical care, surgical interventions as required and a well-balanced lifestyle with appropriate food habits, arthritis can be managed well and the patient is able to overcome problems in mobility,” added Dr. Sharma.

Sulbha Deshpande who herself has undergone knee replacement surgery as a cure to her prolonged arthritis problem has come forward to support the cause since she feels that knowledge about arthritis & its management has become very important in today’s world.

Though many of us are aware what arthritis means, the actual medical condition is not something everyone is prepared for – Arthritis encompasses more than 100 diseases and conditions that affect joints, the surrounding tissue and other connective tissues. There is no sure shot cause for arthritis, apart from low bone density, which is caused because of poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, avoidance of sunlight etc.

Due to difference in bone mass in males and females, arthritis is more prevalent in women than in men – about 60% of arthritis-affected people are women. In our country a majority of the women are home-makers. As a result they lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle and most tend to be slightly overweight. When these women are afflicted by they start to lead a very difficult life, as they are unable to perform day-to-day activities and thus, become dependent on others for small things.

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