Subha Mudgal to mesmerize India in NewsX Art Talk

New Delhi: What could possibly be better than watching Subha Mudgal crooning “Ab Ke Sawan” live, during November rains lashing parts of the country? NewsX is airing Art Talk with Jujhar Singh, currently India’s number one rated show for week 46, by TAM, featuring India’s eminent Classical and Fusion singer, Subha Mudgal, this weekend. Art Talk is a interview based chat show where top artists from the country, from any field, talks about their lifestyle, background, interest and contemporary scene from their respective field.

Subha Mudgal, famous for her classical background and equally graceful movements in the Pop, and contemporary indie music sphere, sheds light on details of her past. She talks about how she was scoffed at, as a young girl with a “grave” voice.

She also states her being one of the most revered classical singer in the country now, and how as a pop artist she reinvented herself, and delivered some of the timeless classics like “Ab Ke Sawan” and “Ali More Angana”, in the last decade.

She sings her best known songs, during the interview. And there’s an element of surprise too! She reveals her hitherto unknown talent of her…that of a mimic!

So this weekend plan and book your couch beforehand, and have the TV remote firmly in your possession!

The show timings are:
Saturday – 4.30 pm
Sunday – 8.30 and 11.30 pm (repeat)

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