Magnetises 3,310 Corporate Video Members, Inc. has announced that its majority-owned subsidiary,, Inc.has magnetised 3310 companies as its new corporate video and B2B members during the largest fair in China: the Canton Fair (the China Import and Export Fair, during October 15th to 28th, 2008 in Guangzhou, China.

100 staff from Subaye’s sales and marketing teams assisted exhibitors and successfully presented Open hyper links of SaaS Enabling B2B Engine to SMEs, the most innovative solution of B2B search which is the core content and purpose of the Subaye e-commerce strategy: online video exhibitions to exhibitors. The video production team is following up with exhibitors to produce video web pages as a free trial product. The new corporate video B2B users find Subaye’s e-commerce strategy useful for search engines such as and B2B platforms such as , in order to do their online marketing and promotions.

Most of those 3310 companies have experience in the B2B marketplace and in doing e-commerce, and they respect Subaye for having complemented e-commerce websites and enhanced their performances in the B2B marketplace. Enabling B2B Engine to SMEs is the upgrade edition of SME
e-commerce solution. This software is for SMEs and allows for customizing of their online marketing and sales that goes beyond all other B2B platforms. It is also a core content for the cooperation between Subaye and Google., Inc. (MYST) is a Total Solutions Provider that offers Integrated Communications Network Solutions and Internet Content Service in universal voice, video, data web and mobile communications for interactive media applications, technology and content leaders in interactive multimedia communications. It develops, markets and sells a universal media software solution for enterprise-wide deployment of integrated voice, video, data web and mobile communications and media applications.

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