SU – KAM launches new TVC

Su-Kam has launched new TVC. The TVC is based on the idea of ‘Ek Nayi Soch’ represented by fireflies. It shows Su-Kam’s new thinking that prevails in all its key business areas.

The TVC was conceptualized as a romantic, grand landscape, which is brought to life by fireflies. A little girl who represents imagination and creativity acts as the protagonist who frees the fireflies and eventually helps them take a real, concrete form.

Serene rustic locations in and around Panchgani and Satara were selected for the shoot. The stark backdrop of these amazing windswept hills and the surrounding rivers and lakes made it the perfect location. To bring out the beauty of the glowing fireflies, the film was set during twilight for which only magic hour shots were designed and painstakingly shot.

While shooting in Satara the camera accidentally captured local fishermen fishing in the Krishna River. A shot of which has been retained in the TVC, which adds to the romantic feel of the film rather naturally!

The idea of Ek Nayi Soch emerged after long ideation sessions where the task at hand was to identify that one element which makes Su Kam the leader in innovation. The strategy essentially had to capture the roots from which the passion of those working at Su Kam arose, the passion which was not product led rather focused on how to simplify lives and offer the best solutions to any sort of Power back up requirement. And that led to the thought of ‘Infinite possibilities’ that can be made to come true only by the power of ‘Ek Nayi Soch’.

Vivek Dutta, National Planning Head, Hakuhodo Percept played a key role in the conceptualization along with Mr Saptarshi Sengupta, Associate Vice – President on the brand and his team members – Ms Amrita Gujral, Group Account Manager and Mr Udit Mehta, Senior Account Executive on the brand.

The creative team behind the concept was Sushmita Saha, Copywriter and Manish Masih, Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Percept. The TVC has been produced by Stillrunning Productions and directed by Diipjoy Dutta who brought the concept alive with his creative vision. The Fireflies and parts of the locations were created through Computer Graphics.

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