Studio 309 Launches Hindi TV Serial 'Jurm Ke Baad'

It was the auspicious occasion for studio 309 family because it was the launch party of their TV Serial Jurm Ke Baad. Serial Jurm Ke Baad is meant to portray the circumstances that prevail after someone commits a crime. These criminals are not professional but they become killers or criminals due to the frustration, and short temper which last for a while and leave its impact on the entire family of the criminal. This serial is being directed by Aziz Ahmad, who started his career initially as a journalist and them turned towards direction and script writing. He wrote script for the famous crime serial India’s Most Wanted.

Salsa dancer Fernando presented spectacular salsa dance to entertain the audience on this occasion. Guests from various fraternities marked their presence at the party to encourage the team of studio 309 with best wishes for their up coming projects. Among guests Alixander Romanov- French Embassy Cultural Attaché, Check Republic Embassy’s first secretary Loosy, Sanjeev Phan- Fashion Designer, Sophi- an Italian Fashion Designer, Amitabh Ghosh of Marchant Ivory Production House, Models- Aparna, Chetna, Monica, Rao Virender Singh, Vijay Singh Lochav M.L.A. & Chairman –Public under taking committee (Delhi Vidhan Sabha), Nagma- Programing director of NDTV and Anushka Shankar were present at the evening to make it more colorful and joyful.

Producer Ruby Singh Sherawat says the main motto to produce this serial is to spread a social awareness among common people. Now a days every channel is producing serials related to the happening of crime and the back drop of the crime but this serial is different because it is all about the scenario of the family that suffers due to the crime, that too not the victim but the criminal who commits it and will spend his rest of the life in prison. That is the reason why we named it as Jurm Ke Baad.

When he quizzed about the future projects of Studio 309 he adds, we have serials like Aatmahatya, Insaf Kahan in our pipeline. In the serial Insaf Kahan is based on the cases that are being pending since years to gather. For instance you can see a case in which the person arrested for pick pocketing is supposed to imposed imprisonment of 6 months but he is in prison since 20years for such a small crime.

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