Stringent policies affecting radio growth: AROI

New Delhi : Association of Radio Operators for India (AROI), country’s only industry body of private FM Radio players on Thursday organized ‘Vision – 2010’. The event commemorated Broadcaster’s Day – the day when Mahatma Gandhi gave his first and only radio address to the nation on Nov 12th 1947. Sh. Raghu Menon, Secretary, Minister of Information & Broadcasting graced the occasion along with senior officials from the ministry, media and the industry.

As part of the programme ‘Vision – 2010’, AROI held a day-long conference and exhibition, creating an effective platform for dialogue between the ministry & the industry. ‘Vision-2010’ also showcased new and cost effective technologies for benefit of existing and prospective players. ‘Vision – 2010’ also celebrated achievements of the industry and focused on an in-depth dialogue to discuss the future of the Indian FM industry. Year 2010 is expected to be a landmark for FM radio expansion in India in anticipation of further liberalization under phase III of the FM policy. The conference was attended by over 300 International & National delegates.

Commenting on the same, Apurva Purohit, President, AROI, said “The Indian FM industry has come a long-way in the short life-span of over 8 years. The Industry has faced multiple challenges and crisis but has managed to create a large space for itself amongst mass audiences and listeners”.

Apurva Purohit, President, AROI further added, “FM industry through AROI has been lobbying hard with the government to ensure that some relief is given to the industry, whether it is in extending the license period from 10 to 15 years, ensuring that the license fee is paid on net and not gross revenue or in getting DAVP empanelment. Similarly, AROI is determined in pursuing its demands for the phase – III policy implementation, in terms of allowing news and current affairs or increased FDI or multiple frequencies. Today’s conference has been an appropriate platform to highlight the issues, concerns and opportunities for the upcoming phase. We have been very successful in achieving our aim to build a collective vision for the FM industry for year 2010, to be realized with concerted efforts of all the stakeholders of Radio industry”.

Radio has 98 % of reach but the impact of the radio is very low because of stringent government policies.FM industry is in urgent need of Policy change. New regulations should come in terms of News, FDI and Multiple ownership .Between music and radio industry, government has to play a role of a facilitator.Upcoming Phase III, allowing news and current affairs on Private FM channels which will not only serve as a differentiator in terms of programming but will also help in getting new category advertisers on board.

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