Star CJ alive launches a new TV campaign

Mumbai: As the year draws to an end, ‘STAR CJ alive’ is all set to increase the shopping quotient with irresistible offers lined up for 2011, enticing every patron to increase their wish list for 2011 and make their dream come true! This has been very innovatively captured in the new TVC campaign which has been conceptualized and created by Metal Communications, produced by Rowdy Rascal and shot by Siddharth Sikand for STAR CJ alive.

As the festive mood sets around us all, STAR CJ alive suggests that shopaholics look at the comfort of shopping from home this festive season and take a break from conventional shopping! As Christmas is round the corner, STAR CJ alive invites patrons to look at incredible offers that are available on STAR CJ alive and buy exclusive merchandise for your loved ones. You can avail offers from home appliances to kitchen appliances! From LCD and LED TVs to laptops and mobiles and cameras! Fashion, jewellery, home linen, kitchen ware, food – all these and more will compete to be included in the viewer’s shopping list!

The TVC begins showcasing the 1950’s / 1960’s era in the typical black and white setting, highlighting the protagonist’s delivery of dialogues in the most typical nasal and lilting voices, reminding one of the yesteryears. In a hospital, we see a doctor slowing removing the bandage from a girl’s eyes. As the girl begins to focus on her surroundings, the people around her bed, she suddenly starts talking about wanting to travel to Europe, Singapore and wear designer jewelry. Her parents and the doctor are worried and puzzled at her behaviour. The girl then asks them to move aside as they are blocking her view of STAR CJ alive on the TV set in her room. The transformation that STAR CJ alive brings into one’s life is then shown as the protagonist suddenly moves into the modern world and begins shopping from the comfort of her home!

Speaking on the latest TVC, Paritosh Joshi, CEO, STAR CJ alive, said, “As the year comes to an end, everyone gets into the mood of celebration and shopping for loved ones as well as for oneself. People are always on the lookout for best offers and deals during Christmas season. This festive season, we have the best offers coupled with exciting prizes for our patrons. Our aim is to encourage our viewers to experience the comfort of home shopping with our range of thrilling offers.”

For STAR CJ alive – India’s premium 24-hour home shopping channel, it’s all about transformation and making a difference to your lifestyle. Take a cue from the TVC, put your feet up with a bucket of popcorn in front of your television set and let yourself go shopping on STAR CJ alive!

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