STAR Chinese Movies reaffirms dominant position in Taiwan

STAR Chinese Movies has reaffirmed its dominant position among all movie channels in Taiwan with the recent premiere of Cape No. 7 which became the most watched Chinese movie on television in 5 years*. The film also helped STAR Chinese Movies reign above all cable and terrestrial channels in the territory.

The award-winning movie garnered a peak TVR of 4.57 and an average TVR of 2.94 TVR, attracting 2.34 million viewers. Over the last 5 years, STAR Chinese Movies has ruled the roost in Taiwan by showcasing 8 out of the 10 most watched Chinese movies.

Multiple Golden Horse Awards winner Cape No. 7 is the highest ever grossing Chinese movie in Taiwan. To keep the ratings momentum going, STAR Chinese Movies will premiere the John Woo costume epic Red Cliff in Taiwan on August 8. Meanwhile Cape No. 7 will make TV premiere on SCM CHOICE, a VOD service on now TV in Hong Kong, in August 2009.

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