SriGro Interactive launches India's first legal magazine

‘Lex Witness’’, India’s First Magazine on Legal and Corporate affairs was launched on August 7th by Hon’ble Dr. Justice AR Lakshmanan, Chairman, Law Commission of India. A pioneering initiative of SriGro Interactive, ‘Witness’ seeks to address topical issues from the legal domain in a subtle yet effective way. Even though the first issue had hit the stands on July 16, 2009, it was formally launched yesterday in V.K Krishna Menon Bhawan, Indian Society of International Law amongst an illustrious list of guest from the legal society.

“I am delighted to learn that SriGro Interactive Pvt Ltd has launched ‘Witness’, which will mainly cover important legal issues and corporate affairs. With the liberalization of the print and electronic media, hundreds of new Magazines have mushroomed in the market covering different subjects. However, magazines covering legal issues and corporate affairs, touching the common man, are rare. It is expected that this new magazine will play a pivotal role in meeting the aspirations of the common man in dispelling their misconceptions about laws and its application”, Chief Guest, Hon’ble Dr. Justice AR Lakshmanan said while expressing his happiness on the launch of ‘Witness’.

Sharing the same thought, Hon’ble Justice V.S. Sirpurkar, Judge, Supreme Court of India, added, ‘Witness will be a great tool for the legal fraternity as well as it will update the professionals about the latest developments in the judicial system. I wish the editors of the magazine success in their endeavour to fill up the vacuum in the Indian Judicial System by launching this magazine”.

Applauding the initiative of Witness and its first issue, Krishan Kalra, Secretary General, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry said, “Articles in the inaugural issue are excellent and I am confident that the legal sphere would stand further enriched by this collection of varied and mature perspectives on burning legal issues”.

The inaugural issue of ‘Witness’ accentuates the significance of mediation cells in today’s scenario, its success in the West and the need for its adaptation in India. It also extensively covers the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 and the Pre-nuptial contracts.

‘Witness’ would be an amalgamation of the view points of some of the country’s eminent legal luminaries, judges, advocates, educationists and India Inc. and would provide content that is relevant to all stakeholders in this profession. Witness is a subscription based magazine and is currently being marketed in all metros,” according to Shyam Grover, Group Editor and Chief Executive Officer.

Highlighting the objectives of the magazine, the Editor-in.Chief, PBA Srinivasan said, “Witness would be an active forum for professionals who contribute to the growth of law, business policy making and other aspects of the Judiciary System. Our mission is to inform and empower the legal fraternity, corporate houses and public, through well researched articles, open forums, opinions and analysis”.

Mr. Grover added that, “the magazine is also being circulated in UK and US, targeting law firms and key M&A consulting companies.”

Dr. Neera Bharihoke is the Consulting Editor of ‘Witness’. The magazine, at a cover price of Rs 50, has been launched with an initial print run of 25,000 copies. The magazine is available only at select stands, and will be distributed through Central News Agency (CNA).

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