Sonya Sundram on MAA Globes Awards 2009 jury

Sonya Sundram, Executive Creative Director, Solutions I Digitas has been invited to judge the prestigious MAA Globes Awards 2009, where the world’s best campaigns fight for glory. The award ceremony will take place in September 2009. Sonya would be judging two categories – Best Innovative Idea or Concept and Best Sponsorship or Tie-in Campaign.

Sonya Sundram said that “I am excited tobe one of the jury members at this Award where the entries are from around the world and in various categories. This year more countries have participated and the number of entries has risen. While I cannot divulge the details of the entries, some of the campaigns that have come in were well executed and meshed in the brand presence in a powerful way.”

This is the first time that Sonya will be serving as a judge at the international awards, though she has been the judge the Asian leg of the awards for the past two years.

Sonya is an award winning communications specialist who has spent close to 14 years in this dynamic industry. She has been associated with Solutions I Digitas for over five years. Together with her team at Solutions I Digitas, they have won close to 19 prestigious awards in international forums like PMAA, MAA Globes and AMEA. Some of these awards include – PMAA Golden Dragon Award for Thomson Press – Best Use of Direct Marketing in a promotion category (2009), PMAA Golden Dragon Award for Aviva Life Insurance – Best Dealer/Sales Force Activity category (2009), PMAA Order of Merit for Best Brand Awareness & Trial Campaign (2009), PMAA Order of Merit for HP Elite- Parallel Intelligence (2009), PMAA Golden Dragon Award for HP – Best Use of Direct Marketing (2006), PMAA Best in India Trophy for HP – Best Use of Direct Marketing (2006), Bronze in Brand Equity Awards for HP Hats Off (2006), MAA Globes Gold for HP Hats Off (2007), PMAA Order of Merit for HP Paper Plane (2007), PMAA Golden Dragon for HP Hats Off (2007).

There are 16 categories at MAA Globes and one can enter the same campaign in multiple categories or submit more than one campaign. The selection process ensures that judges are never given an entry from their home country.

In 2008, Solutions I Digitas was the only Indian agency to have won the MAA Globes Gold.

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