Sonam Kapoor lets her hair down at Red FM

Mumbai: The Masakali girl, Sonam Kapoor, visited Red FM Studios to promote her upcoming movie. In a candid interview with the RJ Malishka, Sonam talked about playing a ‘young’ role, not hating love stories and her “posh” dressing style. RJ Malishka caught Sonam by surprise when she smuggled in a white bird into the studio during the course of the interview. But not to be outwitted, Sonam was soon at ease with the bird, petting it and even dancing to the tune of Masabkali with the bird atop her head.

RJ Malishka commented “At Red FM, we try and do different things rather than a plain vanilla interview on air to keep things interesting for our listeners and the celebrities. Sonam, was wonderfully sporting about the whole thing and candid with her replies, we had an absolute blast interviewing her.”

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