SocialTwist strengthens position in Advertising , Marketing space

Hyderabad : SocialTwist has announced a sharp growth in adoption for its Tell- a-Friend (TAF) suite of products that turns social media into an effective social marketing platform. Over 70,000 brands today use TAF products, yielding 3.5 billion impressions at an average click-through rate of over 30 percent.

“As more marketers share their messages digitally, they are turning to SocialTwist because of our wide range of social media sources,” said Vijay Pullur, Founder and CEO, SocialTwist. “SocialTwist has the most sophisticated marketing platform to leverage a user’s social graph and can provide the deep analytics that map behavioral activity across all channels.”

With such dramatic growth, Pramati Technologies, the leading product company from India, has spun off SocialTwist, as an independent company to address the $50billion market gap in online advertising market.

Already global marketing brands like P&G, Barnes and Noble, Kraft Foods, Virgin Mobile,, Big Adda and NDTV have adopted SocialTwist to improve their brand sales with substantial ROI through measurable click-throughreferral technique.

SocialTwist today also launched a promotional offer targeted for the Indian market – Flat 10 rupees per click. Brands can sign- up for this service for INR 20,000 and get a guaranteed 2,000 clicks.

Brand marketers and internet site owners continue to seek newer techniques to expand value from search, display and email marketing efforts with significant ROI. While traditional sharing products are simple URL link pass-alongs more focused on data mining, and behavioral targeting ads that capture user preferences and their shared data, SocialTwist relies on the fact that no algorithm can match human filtering, because a friend knows the interests and purchasing patterns of his or her other friends.

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