SocialTwist Launches Widget to Extend Reach of Online ADs

SocialTwist, the leading word of mouth marketing and social sharing products provider, launched TAF4 ADs, a patent pending widget that extends the reach of online advertisements across the social graph of its viewers. Visitors to websites that use TAF4 ADs can pass on any banner ad to friends on their social networks, along with a comment.

SocialTwist previewed its new product in the TAF4 series at ad:tech today. TAF4 ADs uses the popular word¬-of-mouthreferral widget, Tell-a-Friend, to enable viewers to share the ad with friends as well as visit the sponsored link.

TAF4 ADs is a great way to increase ad revenue from existing banner ads at a time when CPMs are falling, and comes as a boon to advertisers, publishers, and ad networks.

“Word of mouth and personal referral is implicitly trusted and carries higher chance of a click-through leading to a transaction,” says Mark Schreiber, General Manager, SocialTwist. “With the addition of Tell-a-Friend, the ads now gain the last mile advantage”.

SocialTwist TAF4 ADs is easy to customize, configure, and integrate with pages that display ads. Soon all IAB standard image ads will be supported. SocialTwist has a performance-based pricing model and the ad referrals can be incentivized making them attractive for senders and receivers.

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