Social sign-on can be a valuable tool: eMarketer

As retailers and other websites consider the appropriate degree of integration between their sites and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, social sign-on can be a valuable tool. Internet users who might otherwise be reluctant to input their personal data over and over again across sites may be more willing to share that information if offered a less annoyingly repetitive way to do so, like through social sign-on. Sites that offer such a tool may find they better engage and convert visitors into customers.

Social login platform Janrain has reported in the past on users’ reluctance to register for each new site they want to buy from. The company’s 2011 research found that 88% of online buyers had at some point intentionally left registration information blank or used incorrect information when signing up for a new account at a website, up 12 percentage points from 2010.

That’s not good news for retailers, many of whom hope to use customer information to better serve online shoppers products of interest and in return increase conversion rates. But customer desire for social sign-on has also increased, to 77% of US online buyers in 2011, and by using a social plugin like a Facebook login, retailers can glean significant information about those customers from their social profile.

Social integration provider Gigya reported social login could also lead to gains in time spent on websites and average page views. According to the company, 61% of users chose Facebook as their top choice among social logins.


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