Social Campaigns Give Long-Term Boost to Brand Metrics

As social media marketers become more and more accountable for the return on investment of their programs, some are also starting to see the long-term results of campaigns that work.

Beginning in summer 2010, BzzAgent, the social media marketing arm of dunnhumby, began studying the immediate and lingering results of several social media marketing campaigns involving consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and brand advocates.

There was an immediate boost to advocates’ likelihood to recommend a product after being exposed to a campaign, with rates rising from 39% before exposure to 61% directly after. While the effect of the campaign diminished somewhat over time, 55% of brand advocates studied were still significantly more likely to recommend a product one year after their initial exposure.

When brand advocates studied were asked about their own purchase intent, the results were even more dramatic. Before the campaign, a similar number said they would purchase as would recommend the brand: 38%. Immediately after the campaign, the number shot up more than 30 percentage points and remained at 69% for three months. After a year, purchase intent was still elevated as high as 61%.

While this hardly means every campaign will be so successful, it should give social media marketers hope that long-term study of their results can show that social network campaigns are effective at improving branding metrics that matter to the bottom line.


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