Sky News channel admits to hacking emails

London: Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News channel has admitted to hacking emails by authorising its reporters on at least two occasions.

potentially embarrassing revelation can further dent the media tycoon’s
hope of acquiring full control over satellite broadcaster BSkyB, The
Independent reported.

In a statement, Sky News said that in one
case it broke into emails belonging to Anne and John Darwin, the
so-called “canoe couple” who became notorious in Britain after the
latter faked his own death in a boating accident as part of an elaborate
insurance scam.

The case drew a surge of media interest after John Darwin walked into a London police station in late 2007.

to have amnesia, he said he could remember nothing since 2000 but his
story unraveled as journalists and police started digging.

Sky News didn’t identify which story was the result of hacking.

in an article dated July 21, 2008, journalist Gerard Tubb said the
channel had uncovered documentary evidence showing that John Darwin had
decided to come back to England because he was having trouble staying in

“We discovered an email,” the article begins, without giving any explanation of how the message was obtained.

Sky News said the emails were later handed to police.

a statement Thursday, John Ryley, head of Sky News, said that “we do
not take such decisions lightly or frequently” and said the
investigation had served the public interest.

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