Six Online Marketing Strategies which can Save SMEs in 2009

Economy has been badly impacted by the international financial tsunami. The enterprises dependent on overseas markets are bearing the brunt of the crisis, especially those small and medium sized export-oriented businesses houses . In the face of such difficulties, how can the small and medium sized enterprises change their online marketing methods in 2009? Here, online marketing expert Mr. Li from gives you six strategies.

E-commerce will be used by more businesspeople in the future for the benefit of the economic environment. At the same time e-commerce will be the number one choice. Mr. Li believes that the e-commerce market will become more and more popular.

E-commerce is a big trade market that gathers various types of merchants. Search engines can help you quickly find the information you want and let your customers find you at the first time of asking.

If e-commerce and search engine marketing is the basic form of online marketing, then community marketing will be the best platform for enterprises to show their soft power. Enterprises hold a lot of network activities online, which will greatly enhance product visibility.

Blogs are a good source of information, and their content determines whether it has a broad degree of attention and popularity. Some professional bloggers give comments and some senior members of the industry give industry analysis or forecasts on such blogs. The majority of people in the industry get the information from these types of bloggers.

2009 will be the real first year of marketing by video. The internet developed from text, pictures and even video. The traditional media advertising market is declining over recent years, but online advertising is increasing all the time. With the rapid development of the internet, blogs will be replaced by podcasts.

Public Relations online (PR online), also known as online public relations or e-public relations, is whereby enterprises publicize their information online and find their target customers. It uses the internet to create a corporate company image, which provides a new way of thinking and planning for the modern public relations.

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