Six Inches launches 360 degree campaign for MF Global

Six Inches Communications has launched a 360 degree campaign for MF Global , the world’s leading broker for exchange-traded futures ALL with a unique proposition. The campaign spans television, print, radio and outdoor media with an aim of saluting the courage and optimism of Indian investors who despite times of failure and turmoil continued investments.

The campaign strategically crafted by Six Inches, explains how MF Global acknowledges the spirit of investors who showed the “never say die” spirit and continued to invest despite major instances of failure. The campaign focuses on the idea of “saluting the courage and optimism of the Indian Investor and claims that it is this spirit that will lead each one to the path of success”.

The 360 degree campaign has been taken forward through two television commercials across TV and OOH videos, a radio advertisement, various direct mailers and three print advertisements across business magazines, business channels notably during the union budget period, a microsite called inviting all the investors to share their inspiring stories on how they overcame such a rough weather.

Speaking on the occasion, Pravin Shah, Managing Director, Six Inches Communications pvt ltd said, “What is special about this campaign is its uniqueness and the innocence through which it reaches out so beautifully to investors who persisted while others gave up mid-way. MF Global commends the spirit of these investors who are surely going to bear fruits of their toil. We are happy to partner MF Global in pursuing such a noble cause. The campaign too has been well received by investors across the country who have sent us their personal stories on how they bared their own rocky mountains and crossed dense jungles and have succeeded despite that. It indeed is this spirit that is needed for success and we have communicated just that. 100 inspiring stories have been rewarded from MF Global. ”

“Commenting on this alliance, Vineet Bhatnagar, Managing Director, MF Global, India said, “The response to Salute campaign has been very encouraging. The multimedia approach has attracted many investors who have interacted through the microsite and have shared their stories with us. Six Inches strategic and creative approach has done wonders in the past and also specifically in this campaign as well.”

The TV spots, for example, treat these attributes metaphorically, and show a representative investor scaling peaks and walking on. One of the television commercials begins with the sight of a young man set to scale the heights of a rocky and uneven mountain. He does so with immense effort and focus, till he is encountered with a moment where he almost loses control of the climb. However he persists and this undying spirit of his helps him reach the destination he set to reach for.

The essence of each of the advertisements created by Six Inches is the need to lead the road to victory despite encountering several obstacles that would otherwise cripple the effort to reach that destination. MF Global reaches out to investors through this campaign and motivates them to continue this undying display of nerves which will ultimately reach to the stabilization and speedy recovery of the economy, a destination every corporate Indian is waiting for.

The campaign also invited investors across the country to share their stories on how they continued investments despite severe initial losses. They eventually profited owing to their increased persistence. Through this campaign Six Inches has helped MF Global not only reach investors across the country but also penetrate their hearts in commemoration of this regard.

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