Partners with Accentium Web and Compare Infobase

SitaGita Ltd, owner of one of India’s oldest women’s portals, – has partnered with two companies Accentium Web Pvt Ltd, and Compare Infobase Ltd, to help take the site to the next level.

Both Accentium Web and Compare Infobase have jointly taken a stake in SitaGita Ltd. – was originally founded and run by Nirmal Mirza, an accomplished business woman based in Chennai. currently gets over 5000 visitors daily, and the two companies will help this number grow to 30 to 40,000 visitors daily over the next 2 years.

“We are pleased to partner with Nirmal Mirza and Compare Infobase and to help take the site up to the next level. There is great interest in women oriented inventory online in India and this interest is likely to increase over the next years. The plan of action would be to increase traffic on the site, make it more dynamic and interactive, to add more content, to cater to a younger audience and to make it over time into the leading site for Women related content online in India. Along with our partners, Compare Infobase and Nirmal Mirza, we will help to grow the traffic on the site, and to create a fresh new look for” – Vivek Pahwa, CEO, Accentium Web Pvt Ltd.

“Following our enshrined business mantra of “Together we grow strength by strength” we are excited about our association with Nirmal Ji and Vivek. Nirmal Ji brings to the table the first movers insight to an India centric women’s portal and we look forward to catching beautiful pearls of wisdom from her as we move along. Vivek and his team bring forward the business acumen to get every single person out there – jump off their seats and join the movement of – Home, Work, Lounge – Relax it is your place on the net. Compare Infobase, on its part has started working towards laying down rugged but extremely agile framework for an unparalleled effort to become part of the most happening entity in the world – The Indian Wormen” – Simarprit Singh, CEO, Compare Infobase Ltd.

“Sitagita has come to represent the duality of the Indian Woman. Nowhere in the World does a Woman combine so skillfully the traditional and the contemporary. Sitagita has come to mean many things to many women across the length and breadth of India. It started as a urban centric site and soon Tier I, Tier II towns embraced us too! Sitagita is poised to play a role in the life of every Indian Woman, wherever she is in this World. This has been my mission in the last ten years, to provide a little handholding and empower the Indian woman personally and professionally.

This partnership has been a Godsend for Sitagita – to partner with Mr. Simar Singh of Compare Infobase Limited, whose track record for Websites only spells success and with Mr. Vivek Pahwa of Accentium Web Pvt. Ltd who has had creative interactive success with his previous 2 websites, is a dream come true for me.” – Nirmal Mirza, Founder, SitaGita Ltd.

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