Sirius to Deliever Breaking Election News

Sirius Satellite Radio has announced that SIRIUS Left host Alex Bennett will broadcast from the 2008 Iowa Caucuses and the 2008 New Hampshire primary, delivering breaking election news, voter reaction, and analysis straight from the center of two of the nation’s biggest political events.

The Alex Bennett Program, which airs Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm ET exclusively on Sirius Left channel 146, will be at the heart of the Iowa and New Hampshire political action.

In Iowa, Bennett will take listeners across America “inside” two actual Iowa Caucuses, bringing a firsthand account of the debate, discussion, and procedure by which America’s first political choices are made for the 2008 presidential campaign. Bennett will share Caucus results and all the late breaking news from politically influential Iowa on January 3rd and January 4th.

In New Hampshire on primary day, January 8th, and the morning after, January 9th, Bennett will broadcast his show live from the iconic Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. The Red Arrow Diner has become a focal point for many presidential candidates to visit during their campaign stops. Inside the diner Bennett will talk with “everyday Americans” and gauge their interest, passion, and opinions on the ever-important New Hampshire Presidential primary.

Sirius Left is Sirius’ liberal talk channel. Sirius Left is a national platform with well-respected and thought-provoking hosts including Bennett, Lynn Samuels, Mark Thompson, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and many more.

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