SIRIUS Satellite Radio Signs Mark Thompson

SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) on Wednesday announced that it has signed Mark Thompson, host of “Make it Plain,” to appear exclusively on SIRIUS. Thompson is a trailblazing African-American talk show pioneer, human rights visionary, and community leader, and he will contribute to SIRIUS’ powerful and diverse programming lineup.

Thompson’s “Make it Plain” launches this fall on SIRIUS. On “Make it Plain,” a daily 3-hour show, Thompson speaks passionately about political, social and economic issues from an African-American perspective, and welcomes listener call-in and a variety of guests.

“‘Make it Plain’ has served as a national talk forum and platform for politicians, newsmakers, and entertainers for many years, and SIRIUS is thrilled to enrich our diverse programming lineup with the addition of this respected show,” said Scott Greenstein, SIRIUS’ President, Entertainment and Sports. “We welcome Mark Thompson and his ability to empower listeners.”

“At this hour of increased anxiety amongst America’s diverse cultures, SIRIUS’ thoughtful decision to air ‘Make It Plain’ should leave no doubt about its commitment to informing and empowering all of its listeners,” said Mark Thompson. “‘Make It Plain’ will continue to expose the injustices in places like Jena (Louisiana), to celebrate our joys, and even break some fresh ground in no better home than one so impressively creative and unbound as SIRIUS Satellite Radio.”

Mark Thompson’s career as a Washington, DC-based radio host spans 20 years. Thompson is nationally known as a longtime NAACP activist, emcee of the Million Man March, founder of the Umoja Party, and an ordained minister. Mark Thompson is also known by his African name, Matsimela Mapfumo.

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