SIRIUS Radio Announces Customized Programming

SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq:SIRI) has unveiled an unprecedented offering of new programming packages and better pricing. The company’s “Best of Both” programming options and A La Carte channel choices are available effective immediately.

For the first time ever, XM subscribers can add select SIRIUS channels to their existing service, and SIRIUS subscribers can add select XM channels to their service. These “Best of Both” packages will be available at a monthly cost of $16.99, which is only $4.04 more than the cost of a monthly sub scri ption to one of the services. Most subscribers can add the premier programming without purchasing a new radio.

XM subscribers can add “The Best of SIRIUS” channels by calling 1-866-9SIRIXM (866-974-7496) or go to for complete details. SIRIUS subscribers can add “The Best of XM” channels by calling 1-888-7BESTXM (888-723-7896), or go to for complete details.

“One of the most exciting benefits of the SIRIUS and XM merger is giving subscribers the chance to expand their sub scri ptions to include ‘The Best of Both’ services. Given the popularity of programming on both SIRIUS and XM, we expect many subscribers will upgrade their current sub scri ptions,” said Jim Meyer, SIRIUS XM Radio President, Operations and Sales. “It’s hard to imagine an XM subscriber who wouldn’t be interested in adding Howard Stern and NFL games, or a SIRIUS subscriber who wouldn’t want to get Oprah’s channel or follow the games of the NBA and NHL, and the world’s best golfers on the PGA TOUR.”

Today also marks the official launch of a la carte-capable radios and the unveiling of A La Carte programming packages. The first a la carte-capable radio is the SIRIUS Starmate 5 (MSRP: $129.99) now available at Best Buy, Crutchfield, RadioShack and regional retailers.

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