Simplymarry launches 'Hum Tum' campaign, India’s only metro-monial site, from The Times Group, is targeted at the youth in metros, and all communication, is geared towards the end-user (and not the influencer) with youthful, lively and playful campaigns, speaking directly to the target group, and not just their parents or families. in association with Sunday Times Matrimonials, is promoting the concept of HUM=TUM (which means Me=You), through a series of ad campaigns that will run on, Sunday Times Matrimonials, and across Times network websites.

Speaking about the HUM=TUM : The Equality Manifesto Campaign Mr. Nilanjan Roy, Business Head, said, “We are witnessing a change in society, where shared value systems are the primary construct of the marriage. Mutual self-respect, similar life goals and interests are the primary motivators of meeting prospective life-partners today. The HUM=TUM Platforms, both online and in print, provide opportunities to anyone who shares these common values to meet each other on egalitarian & democratic terms as stated in the manifesto.”

HUM=TUM : The Equality Manifesto Campaign talks of the practical scenario of a married couple in a metro, in a beguiling manner, reinforcing the brand promise that finding the perfect match in the city is easy with

The campaign seamlessly integrates contemporary advertising across and Sunday Times Matrimonials, both the platforms capture and display the profiles of people who have accepted the HUM=TUM Equality Manifesto.

The ad communication highlights the basic characteristic attributes of a modern man and woman and their typical way of thinking about issues. The campaign provides tips on understanding future life partners better, and finding a perfect soulmate is easy with

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