announces social media features

New Delhi : has relaunched itself with a slew of collaborative and social features that help users gain insights into the personality of a potential mate.

“Today, time is at a premium and single people do not have the luxury of spending time with many prospective partners. The new is the solution, to get to know the personalities of potential soulmates even before meeting them – all from the comfort of the website.” says Nilanjan Roy of

“We have moved the matrimonial portal space from just being a connection medium to an engagement platform. Till date, matrimonial portals were used primarily to obtain an email id and a contact number, and then the process went offline, with potential brides and grooms, having to discover each other in a time-consuming and personally intensive manner. This quasi-courtship process, many-a-time, led to heightened expectations and emotional heart-break.” explained Roy

The new is an effective solution for life-partner seekers in today’s fast-paced world with new features that provide a view into the personality of the individual, and even a character testimonial from a trusted friend or colleague.

Imagine Sharing your Music – Music is by far the most emotionally evocative and personal experience that can be shared across social media. With the new you can now share your tastes in music, videos, movies & books. Visitors can listen to your favourite songs

Imagine Sharing your Holidays – Do you like the same kind of holidays? Are you both adventurous or beachcombers? Do look like the Mountains or the Seaside? With the new you can now share photos from Facebook and videos from YouTube with a single click.

Imagine Sharing your Friends – Do you have the same friends? Find common friends and meet people endorsed & verified by common connections from Facebook & Linkedin

Imagine Sharing your Lingo – Do you speak the same language? Chat is completely free and fully secure for all connections on
Imagine Sharing your Style –Do you have similar styles? What do you sound and look like in a Video? Create, share and view video messages on SimplyMarry.


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