Sikhcess to Feed Homeless in North America

Sikh community doubles campaign to “Feed the Homeless” after shattering goal to distribute 20,000 food packages in only 9 months.

Sikhcess, a community organization dedicated to highlighting Sikh achievements and promoting the basic Sikh principles of public service, today unveiled the Sikh community’s plans to distribute 50,000 food packages to North America’s homeless and needy in November 2007, the largest ever campaign of its kind.

“I’m genuinely grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve had from the entire Sikh community in delivering 20,000 food packages to the homeless in Vancouver, Canada. It’s now time to broaden the initiative and capitalize on our momentum by aggressively expanding this effort to include numerous cities throughout North America,” stated Jatinder Singh, Founder of Sikhcess.

Working to address homeless hunger, the Sikh community is taking ‘Langar’ (or ‘Free Kitchen’) to those on the streets. In order to do this, Sikhcess does not accept any financial donations, but instead, receives a generous assortment of groceries, dessert items, drinks, and even clothing for distribution to the homeless.

With the guiding principles of Sikhism, the Sikh community has launched an aggressive campaign to ‘Feed the Homeless’ with distribution of 50,000 packages of fresh-cooked food to North America’s needy. In only a few short months, through its pilot program, Sikhcess™ has already distributed over 20,000 food packages, primarily to Vancouver, British Columbia’s East Side.

This effort starts with volunteers arriving early in the morning at Sikh temples to cook fresh vegetables in delicately-spiced curry. Volunteers then wrap the nutritious and flavorful vegetable filling inside tortillas, which are assembled into individual packages that include a bottle of water or fruit juice to drink, and cookies for desert. Once ready, these packages are placed in boxes and distributed to homeless in the area.

The Sikh community understands that while this campaign alone is certainly not enough to address the troubles of humanity, they are confident that efforts to feed the needy will, at the very least, serve as temporary relief.

Sikhcess does not solicit financial donations of any kind. Inquiries for donations of food and supplies for distribution to the homeless should be directed to or to Mr. Amit Singh at 248-990-1245.

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