Shell Advance kicks off New Marketing Campaign

New Delhi :After the launch of the highly acclaimed ‘Crystal Car’ and ‘Cut Car’ brand campaigns, Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants (Kline & Company), is set to unveil yet another advertising campaign focusing on Shell Advance 4 stroke portfolio based on RCE Technology. The campaign will focus on the biker community and riders will finally be able to see how Shell Advance protects their bike engines and keeps the engine clean in all types of road conditions.

The new campaign is spearheaded by a powerful TV commercial which highlights the unique and superior R.C.E. technology, which stands for Reliability of oil performance, Control via smoother gear shifts and Enjoyment of a low vibration ride. Since reliable performance comes from a protected engine, the new campaign will enlighten bikers on the role of Shell Advance in optimizing the power and performance of bikes which will help them perform to their peak potential.

According to Donald Anderson, Country Head of Lubricants, Shell India , “Through our brand campaigns, we at Shell Lubricants always try to showcase the latest global technologies which enable us to offer our consumers powerful performance and fuel efficiency. The new campaign highlights our advanced expertise so that vehicle owners are reassured that their engines are treated with the best care and protection. Shell Advance products have been uniquely formulated to keep the engine clean, giving better responsiveness straight out of the bottle, thus, facilitating enhanced efficiency and fuel economy of two-wheelers.”

The campaign will include Shell Advance ULTRA, Shell Advance AX7, Shell Advance AX5 and Shell Advance AX3.

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