Shane Warne to appear on CNN's Talk Asia

Widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in history, Australian cricketer Shane Warne joins CNN’s Talk Asia for a wide-ranging interview in Mumbai. The legendary player tells host Anjali Rao about his illustrious career, his experience playing in the Indian Premier League for Rajasthan Royals and his much-publicized life off the field.

As captain and coach of the Jaipur team, Rajasthan Royals, Warne shares how his team won the 2008 IPL T20 cricket tournament and discusses his plans to repeat that success this season. He also talks about the glamour and entertainment elements of T20 cricket and reveals why he thinks Indian fans have taken to it with such enthusiasm.

The boy from Victoria also looks back at Australia’s Ashes win in 1993, recalling the tension, the camaraderie and the elation when victory was sealed. His gives a detailed account of how he achieved “the ball of the century” that led him to be regarded as the world’s best ever leg-spinner. But he modestly responds to the suggestion by saying that he felt blessed in life to have such a talent, for which he thanked his parents.

Off the cricket pitch, Warne also gives his views on the attacks on Indians in Australia, incidents which have at times strained relations between the countries and cricketing rivals. He stresses that, “It was only a particular level of people who indulged in this” before adding that “Australia was not at all a racist country.”

Other subjects discussed include the unofficial musical named in his honour, the unofficial biographies written about him and the inside track on some of the past scandals which have dogged him. He also explains how his charity, ‘The Shane Warne Foundation’ is working to help sick and underprivileged children, and how fellow Australian Russell Crowe has joined him in the cause.

Airtimes: Indian Standard Time ,Wednesday, March 31 at 1800hrs ,Thursday, April 1 at 0900hrs ,Saturday, April 3 at 1630hrs ,Sunday, April 4 at 1400hrs

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