Shahid visits Radio City to promote ‘Paathshala’

Mumbai: It was dhamaal and masti galore at Radio City as Bollywood’s handsome hunk, Shahid Kapoor visited the studios to promote his most awaited film ‘Paathshala’. RJ Rehaan greets the new teacher, Shahid Kapoor on the weekend, stress buster show Joyride from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, as actor reveal first hand information of the filmy gup-shup and behind the scenes exclusively for Radio City listeners.

Shahid Kapoor who plays teacher in much anticipated movie Paathshala talked about, the Indian education system, contemporary and socially relevant issues regarding children. On RJ Rehaan probing him to open up and talk about his personal secrets, it turns out that, Shahid Kapoor wished to be a scientist as a kid. The dancer par excellence along with RJ Rehaan, reached out to listeners on the entertainment packed, de-stresser evening show, Joyride, filled with on-air banter and melodious music. In addition, he also gave tips on how to be in the good books of teachers and de-stress at exam times.

So listeners tune in to Radio City catch Shahid Kapoor as he joins an equally energetic RJ Rehaan on the evening show ‘Joyride’, and beat the stress out of Mumbaikars with their jovial camaraderie spirits, good humour and high energy, encapsulated in the show.

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