Shahid Kapoor appears at Red FM Studios

Guess who Bajaaoed Malishka? None other than Shahid Kapoor! Shahid Kapoor made his first appearance at Red FM studios on the morning show today and accompanying him was filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj promoting their upcoming movie Kaminey. It all started with some friendly leg pulling with RJ Malishka calling Shahid, Fhahid imitating his accent in Kaminey where he plays a double role. Shahid shot right back and called her MaliFhka and the leg pulling continued with Shahid having a complete blast on air.

While stories of Shahid’s link ups might be doing the rounds, that didn’t deter the ladies who turned up in droves to meet their favorite star at the Red FM studios. Listeners from all over Mumbai were treated to a hilarious interaction between Shahid and Malishka where Shahid revealed some behind the scene gossip about his upcoming film and also shared a glimpse into his life at Versova. Red FM also threw open its phone lines for fans to call and speak to their favourite star directly .

Stay Tuned to Red FM for the entire interview with Shahid and more details on his movie – Kaminey.

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