Sea TV Network Ltd launches spiritual channel for Jains

New Delhi: A new spiritual channel, Jinvani, has been launched by Sea TV Network Ltd, to cater to the Digambar sect of Jain religion.

The channel, launched under the umbrella of Jain Telemedia Services Ltd, will have an array of programmes touching upon facets of human life like religion, spirituality, moral values, health, art of living and success. It will attempt to take principles of Jainism in its simplest form to the viewers for the youth’s benefit.

“The channel is directed at bringing to the people the perennial philosophy of ahimsa (non-violence) propagated by Bhagwan Mahaveer, and providing to the whole world a deep insight into the true way of living,” Neeraj Jain, chairman and managing director of Sea TV Network Ltd, said in a press statement.

“With this channel we not only look at targeting the audiences from India but also those who have settled abroad. I’m sure that our viewers will appreciate the channel and imbibe its preachings for a better life,” he added.

The channel will be available on Videocon D2H, channel no.684.

To make Jinvani more appealing to the youth, 3D movies and serials on Jain epics and Jain historical and religious events will also be telecast. Over eight hours of fresh content will be aired every day.

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