SBI Life rolls out a new TVC

SBI Life has rolled out a new TVC which has been created by Ogilvy India and aims at simplifying insurance as a long-term benefit.

Piyush Pandey, chairman, Ogilvy India said, “I am delighted with the simplicity that SBI Life has always had. We have always reached out to people and connected with them emotionally. And this new commercial is a fresh and romantic take on a young couple’s dreams of their older age. I am extremely proud of it.”

Asheesh Malhotra, senior vice president, client servicing, Ogilvy India explained, “In contrast to most players who focus their efforts on the archetypal metro audience with propositions that overlap each other and often fail to create brand differentiation, the SBI Life commercial not only breaks clutter but manages to reach to a far wider audience.”

Added Malhotra, “We were asked to enhance SBI Life’s saliency and consideration levels. We had to ‘youthify’ the SBI Life brand while retaining the brand’s essence, “Celebrate Life”.

Chandramohan Mehra, head, brand and communications, SBI Life said, “Our strategy is to enable a clear articulation of the life insurance benefits by simplifying and develop a communication that the consumers resonate with it. We are sharply focusing on the target group in the emerging tier II / III towns who we define as “the new thirties on their way to accomplish bigger dreams.”

“We aim to break the clutter in the category by romanticising the hitherto, cold and dead serious category like insurance. Exploring the relationship between the ‘new age’ couples, our TG, who make joint decisions even when it comes to financial decisions. And all this while cueing asset accumalation (investment cues) without being drab and boring and delivering on the promise of a beautiful and worry-free future even in their old age”, added Malhotra.

Speaking about SBI Life’s decision to roll out this campaign after two years, Malhotra said, “We felt there lied an opportunity in realigning the category benefits more simply with the consumer needs. The current landscape in the category (insurance propositions) seems to have drifted from the core of the insurance category.”

Source: Bombay ADclub

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